Forskolin Vs. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar Vs. Forskolin Extract

Today, the need to lose weight has become widespread. Too many of us don’t have healthy eating habits and our bodies tend to suffer from this western diet that most of us consume. Getting on a weight loss journey can be difficult. There appear to be many solutions out there but what really works and what doesn’t?

The options available range from changing our diets, working out, or taking weight loss supplements. None of these options are able to give us the certainty that we will, in fact, lose weight. The key to losing weight is to burn fat from within and to have a calorie deficiency (eat fewer calories than you burn).

Two popular options that a lot of people are talking about is Forskolin Extract and Apple Cider Vinegar. One of the most asked questions we get is “Which is better for weight loss?” We go in depth to find out which one you should add to aid your weight loss efforts.

What is Forskolin?

Forskolin Extract is a natural compound found in the roots of an Indian plant called Coleus Forskohlii that is related to the mint family. It has been used in many traditional herbal medicines like Ayurvedic Medicine to treat a variety of different ailments.

A lot of research has been done to assess the effect consumption of Forskolin has on weight loss. Research carried out on overweight women showed that use of Forskolin helped in preventing additional weight gain. It also had a significant decrease in fatigue and appetite, which reduces overall calories levels.

Forskolin Plant Extract

When the research was done on men, it showed that consumption of Forskolin led to a shift in mass of body composition, leading to men having less fat and more muscles. It also led to an increase in testosterone levels by almost 30%. Testosterone stimulates the release of fats from fat cells, which is probably the reason why men showed the loss in weight.

It is, therefore, a good appetite suppressant, which helps men to shed some fat as well as prevent women from gaining any additional weight. It is also known as an excellent mood enhancer, which is good for optimal hormone functioning. Forskolin also has no significant side effects and is widely considered safe for consumption.

Research has shown that fats that are shed too quickly also come back very quickly, while fats that are shed off gradually give the body cells time to adjust itself and do not usually come back.

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What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple Cider Vinegar seems best for the latter solution. It reduces your appetite, and that is why it is recommended to take it before meals. It helps with the digestion of proteins, which leads to the formation of growth hormone.

This hormone is responsible for continuous body metabolism, even when we are at rest, which means your body can now burn more stored fat and reduce the production of sugar and fat in your liver.

Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar also stimulates digestion, which helps to reduce the amount of time that fats remain in the digestive tract. It also increases the utilization of iron and energy composition in the body, which aids in weight loss.

Research done has shown that Apple Cider Vinegar may block the digestion of starch, causing lower blood glucose levels, which leads to calorie reduction in the body. This result is in alignment with the general direction in which weight loss needs to take.

Comparing Forskolin & Apple Cider Vinegar

One way in which Forskolin works is in increasing testosterone levels in men, which leads to more burning of fats. Apple Cider Vinegar has not been seen to have any effect on testosterone levels. Forskolin also leads to secretion of Cyclic AMP (cAMP) which, apart from aiding in weight loss, too has other health benefits.

As opposed to Apple Cider Vinegar which helps primarily in weight loss, Forskolin has many other health benefits such as reducing blood pressure as well as reducing the chances of getting asthma.

Losing Weight With Apple Cider Vinegar

As happens with all medications meant for use by humans, Forskolin is still undergoing many tests, most of which have shown significant positive results. Studies are also revolving around its ability to be used to treat other ailments and conditions such as low testosterone levels in men.

Apple Cider Vinegar, being mainly fruit based, is widely accepted and cannot be said to be undergoing many scientific experiments. There are also not many indications that it can be beneficial in the treatment of other health conditions in a significant way.

Which is Better For Weight Loss?

To cap this review is that it is evident that both of these supplements can yield satisfactory results when used. Some research has also shown that they can produce even better results when used together, though this is still not widely acknowledged as a recommendation. They have their benefits and their lower scores too.

All in all, Forskolin appears to take the number one spot between the two. It yields better results and has been subjected to more scientific tests, which are still ongoing. Even more importantly, it does not only deal with your need for weight loss; it will provide even more health benefits to your body regarding the other conditions that it has proved capable of treating.

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