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Forskolin Extract Appetite Suppressant

Forskolin is a natural substance found and produced by the Indian Coleus, a long stemmed plant with purple flowers. The plant can be found in subtropical areas south of the equator such as Africa, and southern parts of Asia including Thailand.

How can this plant substance help me lose weight?
Forskolin has spent years in the laboratory being researched by specialists. The substance forces your body to release stored fat from fat cells. Fat is typically released on a need to have basis. For example, when you are expending more energy than what your body has consumed, stored fat will be burnt to give you the extra boost you need.

Forskolin tricks your body into thinking you need that energy now. Weight is shed from your body when you use more energy than you consume. Alone, Forskolin will not make you lose weight, rather it makes your body use more energy when you are active. It gives you great bang for your buck, or in other words, it increases the effectiveness of your workouts.

A study, dating back to 2005, shows what happened when 15 men were given 250mgs of Forskolin and 15 men were given placebos over a period of 12 days. The group of men who were taking the Forskolin saw a considerable reduction of their body fat percentage, or body fat percentage.

The results of the study indicated that the substance may be a possible agent for the management and treatment of the obese. The study also cites that the group consuming the Forskolin saw a slight increase in their testosterone output, which may be one of the leading factors on how Forskolin assists your body in burning those extra pounds.

Is Forskolin for me?
There has been no evidence found of any adverse reactions to Forskolin during the entirety of the evaluations. Forskolin was not found to interact with any other medication, but you should as always consult your physician before trying any new chemicals or substances. Pregnant women or women who are nursing are not advised to take Forskolin as adverse affects on infants have not been extensively studied.

If you are an overweight person, or someone trying to maintain a healthy weight, who is not pregnant or currently nursing a child, there is no harm in trying Forskolin and seeing the results for yourself.

But does it really work?
Short answers, yes. There are countless testimonies of people who have tried Forskolin and had success. The substance was heavily featured on Dr. Oz in 2012 and was praised as “a miracle flower to fight fat”. Lisa Lynn, the weight loss expert for Dr. Oz said, “if your metabolism is sleeping, Forskolin is going to wake it up”. Its not only professionals who are praising this product, consumers are just as happy with their experience. One customer review I found was excited to share her experience saying “I’ve lost 12 lbs in 2 weeks and hope to continue on this path.”

If you have tried other fat burning supplements and have had less than positive results, what do you have to lose with Forskolin? Studies have shown no negative side-effects. It is universally praised my doctors and consumers alike. If you are looking to shed a few extra pounds then Forskolin may be the supplement you’ve been looking for.

What are the dosages?
With various strengths of Forskolin on the market, dosages can vary from taking one 100mg tablet 3 times daily, to taking two 250mg tablets twice daily. Some physicians recommend starting with a lower dosage and slowly working your way up to the dosage you require for your own personal results. Forskolin is most effective when taken daily over a long period of time, once you find a dosage that shows results you should stick with the dosage as you watch the pounds fly off.

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