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Green Coffee Bean with Forskolin

Saying that there’s a lot of talk about weight loss these days would be a huge understatement. Modern society is becoming more and more focused on office jobs. And the diet of an office worker is by definition going to be rather calorie packed. This has led to an unfortunate situation where people aren’t getting enough exercise. And worse, where that’s combined with a less than optimal amount of calories. But at the same time it’s often just the price of living in modern times.

It can lead people to a lot of frustration over the fact that they simply can’t lose weight. In the end, people shouldn’t feel that level of frustration. It’s quite literally just a matter of basic biology. The human body doesn’t burn enough calories to compensate for the modern lifestyle. And given that fact, it might seem that one simply has to come to terms with the situation.

Thankfully some researchers haven’t been content to leave things as they are. The general thought is that if basic biology doesn’t work in one’s favor, than perhaps changes can be made to a person’s average metabolic level. This is the basis of something that’s known as a weight loss stack. These are generally considered to be multiple substances which are taken at the same time in order to produce large scale metabolic changes in a person.

The most important aspect to these stacks is something known as a synergistic reaction. A synergistic reaction to a substance is what happens when two compounds produce effects that go beyond simple addition. They instead act as a catalyst for each other, producing a multiplied rather than simply additive effect with each other. An easier way to look at this is by thinking of basic math. Normally two weight loss related supplements would work together like 2+2.

In a synergistic reaction it instead is closer to 2×2. There’s a handful of different substances related to metabolism and weight loss which are able to operate in this manner. But researchers have found one particular combination of substances which is able to produce results that are easily the best of the best. These two substances are Green Coffee Bean Extract and Forskolin. But to understand how both operate together one must first look at how they work in isolation from each other.

On the surface, Green Coffee Bean Extract is probably the more familiar substance to most people. After all, most people love to start the day with a nice cup of coffee. And on the surface this does give one a general idea of this substance’s mechanism of action. After all, one can usually feel his or her heart beating a bit faster when drinking coffee. It simply makes one feel that they’re moving a bit faster and more efficiently in the morning. But there’s a significant difference in what Green Coffee Bean Extract will do for someone.

The main thing to keep in mind is that this substance is made from unroasted coffee beans. Roasting coffee beans is a great way to turn it into a delicious morning beverage. But the process also destroys a lot of the compounds that impact weight loss. And this is one of the big secrets of using coffee for weight loss. Coffee itself will have some positive effects on weight loss. But for the most part it’s pretty minimal.

This is because one is only getting a small amount of the overall positives that the substance can provide. Green Coffee Beans, on the other hand, preserve the entirety of the positive effects that it can provide. And in particular the roasting process destroys most of the chlorogenic acid in coffee beans. And it’s the chlorogenic acid which is the real superstar of coffee’s weight loss potential.

Green Coffee Beans, with chlorogenic acid, have a wide range of positive effects on weight loss. One of the most impressive is simply the way in which it can modulate blood sugar levels. A surprising amount of one’s weight is controlled by the effects of other foods. There’s a well known paradox stemming from the fact that people who drink diet soda often find themselves gaining weight. This is because quite a few substances don’t actually add to one’s weight, but do create a desire for sugar.

Diet soda, for example, will tell the body that sugar is incoming because of the sugary taste. None actually appears though, and this starts a real craving for more. Green Coffee Beans are able to stave off this effect. It means that a lot of the cravings associated with weight loss will be instantly removed. Calories that are never taken in will never need to be burned off in the first place.

To top off everything else it also helps to block the absorption of dietary fat from food. But green coffee beans will also help one actually tackle existing weight as well. It generally raises one’s metabolism which will both increase calorie burning activity and the amount of calories burned when at rest.

The other part of the equation is Forskolin. Like the previous substance, Forskolin is obtained from a natural source. It’s normally produced by the plectranthus barbatus plant. However, the fact that it’s in an extract means that one can gain the needed properties without needing to take in other unrelated compounds. Forskolin helps to regulate adenylate cyclase. And modifying adenylate cyclase, in turn, modulates cyclic adenosine monophosphate.

If this sounds familiar, one might remember it from biology classes as something related to ATP. All of this is tied together with one’s general metabolism and energy usage. It’s essentially a substance that sits at the control panel of how calories are used within the body. Forskolin sends a signal to the body that it’s time to burn existing fat resources. In many ways it activates the body’s ability to burn off fat for additional energy use in times of need.

But the real magic happens when both of these substances are taken at the same time. Each of them works on areas of the body related to weight loss and energy usage. But both of them target very different areas of this larger process. And even better, they’re all linked with each other. This means that Green Coffee Bean Extract and Forskolin will activate different parts of the weight loss process. But each of these, in turn, are connected with each other and will make the other work faster.

One substance turns the weight loss mechanism on, but the other will push the general speed up by a surprisingly high amount. This is why using both substances at once is so important. The effects of both in combination aren’t just additive, they’re instead able to multiply each other. And taken together they can help one to drop the pounds and keep them off.

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